Coming up: The first 'Mate Mate Mate' event in Berlin and some more promotion #4

Coming up: The first 'Mate Mate Mate' event in Berlin and some more promotion #4

The last article was all about attracting more users to join Mate Mate Mate and to get the word out there. For me, it turned that the best strategy is to do an offline event. Why?

After I matched another five circles last week (now 11 in total) it turned out that not a single circle met IRL. People responded, but most of them were either:

  • not in Berlin anymore as they moved somewhere else or
  • travelling/on holidays

That makes it extremely difficult to match people and have them go through the funnel of responding > finding a time > finding a place > meeting IRL. Hence the idea for an offline event.

Feedback via Instagram @ririanlai: Wouldn't it be cool if a chat [...] will drive that conversation or prevent it [from] going dead. I think its a bit far on the timeline after you have more validation of the idea. But hey, no idea is bad idea πŸ˜‰

Another positive side effect of hosting an offline event and matching people on the spot is that I get to talk to people, see how and why they are interested to join Mate Mate Mate and a ton more of insights I wouldn't otherwise get.

Does it make sense continue working on 'Mate Mate Mate'?

It's a legit question to ask if it still makes sense to continue working on the project, as the main job to be done was to connect people, preferrably theough matching circles of three with people in tech in Berlin.

Personally, I think that in/validation has not yet happened, as I still receive positive feedback about Mate Mate Mate. It's only that the matching mechanism is tricky: Since I'm doing it myself, it takes some time until people get matched.

I learned from mailing with users that a suprisingly high amount of people who signed up is either staying in Berlin only for a short time (e.g. holidays) or didn't move to Berlin yet.

I'm thinking of how I can adapt the product to have a) more accurate matches and b) preferrably instant matches so that people can quickly figure out how to meet.

I will come up with a solution for that over the next two weeks, but for now let's see how we can get more people to sign up for Mate Mate Mate.

Re: Promotion through a local newsletter

Do you still remember last week's attempt to get featured by the local newsletter Woloho? Well, I was rejected after I tried submitting to their Loveletter.

Woloho rejection

But I didn't give up and submitted again an ad to look for a Community Advocate at Mate Mate Mate

Woloho submission

...and this time it got featured πŸ‘

woloho accepted

Although I wasn't looking for an intern to join (yet), I wanted to see who would respond to the ad. Anyway, I have to admit the response rate was very moderate.

And with moderate I mean that 1 (in words one) person responded and that person was my friend Nicky (s/o to Nicky at this point.)

On one hand I must say that I clearly overestimated the reach such a job ad would have. On the other hand however it makes sense, as only people looking for a job would skim through the job section to find - well - a job. Context matters.


Using Instagram as one of the main channels for Mate Mate Mate didn't turn out to be overwhelmingly successful at first, but once I separated it from my personal account (@yesitsBernie) to a dedicated Mate Mate Mate account (@matematematecom) it performed way better.

Pushing Insta Stories via @matematematecom works really well, whereas IGTV is currently more of an experiment I have to admit.

Since I'm currently switching the content over to the dedicated Instagram account, I will have a close look at how the channel is performing.

'After Work Mate' on Wednesday, 15th August

Alright, we are now getting started with the first offline event After Work Mate on Wednesday, 15th August at 18.30. The date shifted a little bit back from the announcement in the last article, as many people were (and probably still are) travelling. Well, let's see how many people will show up

@matematematecom Insta Story

By the way thank you everyone who voted on the @MateMateMatecom Insta Stories! The event will take place at an outside venue.

The location will be close to the water, I'm currently looking for a place in park or something near Paul-Lincke-Ufer or Maybacher. I will send out the details via email to everyone who subscribed to the newsletter (see subscription box below)

Want to join 'After Work Mate'?

Head over to and RSVP πŸ‘‰ After Work Mate #1: Join us for afterwork drinks and meet new people in tech

Check out and enter your details. Now this step is important: Enter in the 'About you' section that you are taking part in After Work Mate! You will then get matched with people right on the spot.

Don't miss out:

Coming up:

  • Improving the product for more accurate and quicker matches
  • The recap of the first offline event After Work Mate
  • New promotion channels: Meetup, Facebook Groups

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