Life as a function of time, energy, health & money

As a daily reader of HackerNews, I visit the regularly to browse through latest tech news and other sorts of interesting articles. It's a gold mine of many not-yet-known-to-me niche topics. I love it.

One articel that caught my interest this week was about the question 'what do you want?'

The real question behind ‘what do you want?’ - Byte Tank
Its influence on the process to build achievable goals

The author makes the point that you should at any point in time memorize your top 3-4 priorities of things you want to achieve. But what really caught my interest was his take on the currencies we have in life.

If you are fortunate enough to be on income level 4 living in a peaceful nation, the world has so much to offer, within easy reach. Yet, the currencies required to enjoy them are limited: time, energy, health, money.

Right now, I feel like I have limited time, but the energy, health and money to do great things. So the question is, how to get more time?

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