Not everyone needs a bold and ambitious vision for their company

I'm certain that almost every founder has been told at some point that they need a compelling and bold vision for their company to succeed. After nearly a decade in the industry, I can assert that this is largely a myth propagated by investors.

To date, not a single customer has shown interest in our vision. What truly interests customers is how you can solve their problems today and, possibly, tomorrow.

While it's important to think more than one step ahead when shaping your company's strategy, it's absolutely clear that, especially in the early days of your business, a lot of moving parts are still not in place. Many aspects can and will change as you breathe life into your nascent business and visions, if defined, change almost as frequently as they are set.

Along the same line, it's more common for companies to operate without a defined vision, particularly those aiming to build a solid business optimized for cashflow and sustainable growth.

It's more important for a founder to seize opportunities rather than rigidly follow a company vision that was defined with incomplete information.

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