The definitive list auf VCs in Austria

The definitive list auf VCs in Austria

Pretty much every time I talk to other founders in Austria, the question about Austria's investors pops up pretty quickly and I repeatedly hear things like

It's extra harder to raise money in Vienna compared to Berlin or London


I sent my deck to Hansi but he didn't get back to me

That happens to the best of us

There are no real VCs in Austria

Well, I don't fully agree with you on that

While for sure the landscape of institutional investors, family offices and angel syndicates (a bunch of business angels joining forces) is considerably smaller compared to other countries in Europe, I still think some remarkable things have happened in the fast few years in Austria.

There is now more money on the table

A lot of new funds started working, but you know what? Hardly anyone notices that. Just recently I was going for lunch with a friend from Portugal and he mentioned that it's very hard for outsiders to get a full perspective on VCs in Austria. Personally I think that Austrian VCs don't care that much about PR. That could explain why most of the publicity works through word-of-mouth.

But that's why I decided to create this list. I have been talking to a lot of investors in the last couple of months and therefore I wanted to shed some light on the investors landscape in Austria.

Please understand this list as work in progress. Also I'm not liable for the information provided, please use them only as a starting point for your research.

Note: I decided to not include business angels because there is way too many of them and they are even harder to grasp (I can recommend the Austrian Angel Investors Association aaia for that matter).

The list (33)

Funds, family offices and syndicates based in Austria whose primary aim is to invest strategically in startups, alphabetical order

Missing someone?

Let's build this list together. Just drop me a line at b [at]

Special thanks for adding more VCs to the list:

  • Lisa Fassl, aaia
  • Matthias Ruhri, UT11
  • Markus Holzer, contextflow
  • Berthold Baurek-Karlic, Venionaire Investment


  • August 2017: Added 3 VCs, refined description
  • September 2017: Added 1 VC
  • September 2017: Added 1 VC
  • October 2019: Added 1 VC
  • 27.Decemember 2019: Added 1 VC

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