Use AI to enhance your product's capabilities – not to define them

This week's OpenAI Dev Day probably killed thousands of startups in less than an hour.

See it for yourself:

I'm in a WhatsApp group with a few other founders and we discussed the outcome of the announcements made on this day – some of us even directly affected.

It's not your platform you are building on top of

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, truly has an outstanding skill of listening to the market and deeply understanding what OpenAI is used to build with.

Vertically integrating these tools into OpenAI's core offering not only makes sense from a competitive stand point, but is also a classic strategy from the platform business playbook.

Product managers and generative AI

It's still very early days for generative AI in the context of broader market adoption and even earlier days for LLM-based products that inherently create value for users.

However, given the pace the market develops and the attention it gets, the key take away for product managers – in almost all cases – is simple:

Build a product that solve's a core problem for your audience. Use generative AI only to enhance your product's core capabilties, not to define them.

Otherwise, chances are high you will be irrelevant tomorrow.

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